At Global Bridgebuilders we offer a portfolio of services and programs that measure, train, prepare your enterprise to release the full power of inclusion. With our portfolio you tap your best asset for success, your team.

Focus Groups

Often hard data leads to more, less quantifiable questions. To answer those questions and obtain richer insight, GBB brings experienced facilitation of focus groups. These guided discussions tap two of the best sources for improvement: your associates and your stakeholders.

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Inclusion Framework Implementation

Our Inclusion Framework Implementation provides a long-term path to sustainable, innovative growth. We help you tap the resources you already have to meet today’s changing (and challenging) environment.

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Strategic HR Recruitment

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century global economy and the war for talent is real. Through our alliance networks, let GBB assist your organization in locating the right talent for the right fit while helping you to foster an inclusive environment that retains them.

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D&I Strategy Development

Diversity “programs” are dead. Processes are here to stay. We bring sustainable changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental organizations of all sizes. Our proprietary framework provides the metrics and the map to a more inclusive D&I initiative.

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