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Founded in 2006, Global Bridgebuilders has grown into an international team providing services to enterprises across the globe. We have worked with local and regional governments, with NGOs, as well as with private and public firms from small businesses to Fortune 500 concerns. Global Bridgebuilders has built a record of transforming enterprises by capturing the advantage present in every diverse workforce.

We base our work in the core belief that inclusion is a business discipline. It leverages all that the enterprise does. To gain this leverage, we apply a continuous improvement model, anchored in metrics. This structure allows our clients to see the impact of the training and skill development. Through our focus on process, our inclusion processes enjoy a sustainability even as personnel change.

This disciplined approach to inclusion has permitted clients to build robust, long-term performance advantages.

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Meet Our Team  

Skot Welch

Principal, Innovation Strategist
and Facilitator

Juan Tornoe

Instructional Designer andFacilitator (Bi-Lingual)

Mary Kelly

Instructional Designer, Research and Facilitator

Sushil Mathew

Critical Thinking, Instructional Designer and Facilitator

Oliver Johnson

Senior Bridgebuilder


Zena D. Patillo

Account Manager and Facilitator


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