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Mary Kelly

Mary has been a Writer and Instructional Designer for more than 25 years. Her passion for music and other arts, language, technology, words, ideas, and people coalesced into a calling to communicate – to listen and hear, to feel and perceive, and to communicate and share. Whether it’s to educate, to participate, to instruct, to demonstrate, to exhort or to arouse, Mary enjoys connecting with others.

As an artist with a sensibility for human relations and a head for business, Mary sees the world as a place to reach out and communicate with others, for mutual enrichment and benefit. She has experience in global marketing, merchandising, business relations, music, foreign language, community-building, promoting and building diversity, corporate training and change management, among other areas.

After working together for a large multi-national corporation for several years, Mary and Skot realized that their common artistic temperaments and strong passions for doing business with respect for people as well as profits could be used together. They have collaborated on projects for firms large and small throughout the world, addressing such topics as sales techniques, negotiations skills, diversity and cross-cultural communications, listening and presentation skills, and global curriculum development.

Mary received a B.A. in French Literature from Mount Holyoke College, and an M.B.A in Marketing and an M.A. in French Literature from the University of Kansas.

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