On Site Products

At Global Bridgebuilders we offer two types of training. Our on-site programs offer a curriculum of one-, two-, and three-day modules, ready to develop your team.

Culturally Competent Customer Service

We bring an inclusive, coach focused training to help your front-line staff and senior leaders alike build the robust connections between you, your stakeholders, and an increasingly diverse customer base.

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Innovation Through Inclusion

Inclusion is a power to nurture, a power that opens doors to new leadership, fresh ideas, and more creative response to an ever-changing operational and social environment. At Global Bridgebuilders we release that power.

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Culturally Competent Sales

In today’s globally interconnected world, your customer base is more diverse than ever. And likely, so is your sales team. Success belongs to those who have mastered the ability to build relationships across cultural boundaries, inside your team and with your customers.

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Online Products

In today’s world, we no longer need to depend on the availability of the teacher. Our classes take place online, ready for access when your team is ready. Our current offerings include:

Inclusion Framework Implementation

Our Inclusion Framework Implementation provides a long-term path to sustainable, innovative growth. We help you tap the resources you already have to meet today’s changing (and challenging) environment.

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Climate Bridge Survey

In the race to success you need two legs. High performance and inclusive operations must pay attention to both relations and to practice. Both are necessary. Without change in attitudes, change in practice becomes difficult.

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The success of your inclusion frameworks often rests on the individual members of your team. Self-awareness plays a crucial part for every member in your organization as you work together and reach out in an increasingly diverse environment.

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Inclusion Systems Assessment

In the changing environment that is today’s world, diversity and inclusion can no longer be kept in human resources. It touches your entire organization. To tap its potential—to seize your opportunity—will take more than psychology. You know how it is: it requires data.

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The Belonging Initiative™

A community or organization where everyone belongs and feels included is stronger. We help you bridge the gap between welcoming and Belonging.

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