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Studies show that kids are in conflict just about every 4 minutes. Sound like your workplace? Like relationships with extended family, business partners or fellow church members? Conflict is everywhere, all the time. It’s perfectly human, and done well it’s essential to growth and creativity. Handled poorly it can derail productive problem-solving and exhaust everyone.

Conflict can stem from issues of identity, conflicting interests, and strong emotion. In conflict, disputants can’t be at their best, and have a hard time using even their most reliable personal and professional tools. JustMediation picks up where trainings on communication, personality styles, diversity, and negotiation end.

At JustMediation, the focus is connecting with all sides in a conflict. Since most people and organizations in conflict are struggling to rebuild connection, JustMediation can “stand in” to provide the empathy and negotiation skills that everyone needs to move forward. In consultation with its clients, JustMediation designs a process for each conflict that fits the needs of the individuals and organizations involved.

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