Inclusion Systems Assessment

In the changing environment that is today’s world, diversity and inclusion can no longer be kept in human resources. It touches your entire organization. To tap its potential – to seize your opportunity—will take more than psychology. You know how it is: it requires data.

At Global Bridgebuilders we have developed a set of proprietary assessments and follow-up programs that not only let you identify strengths and weakness, but provide a path for continued, sustained excellence. The heart of this approach is our proprietary Inclusion Systems Assessment© (iSA). Unlike other assessments that capture attitudinal and values-driven data only, the iSA is primarily concerned with what an organization does. And what systems are in place to business even faster.

The assessment takes a 360 approach, exploring your present actions and processes under five headings: Leadership & Direction; Communication; Organization Development; External Relations, and Process Management Systems Criteria By focusing on actual behavior, we make diversity a corporate objective, one that is measurable and so, achievable. The focus on processes lays the foundation for sustainable development.

Align your efforts with others

Second, we align your performance with that of other organizations enjoying success with diversity initiatives. We draw on a proprietary database from over 20,000 respondents world wide, representing the best practices of global/multi-national organizations.

Tap your best efforts

The iSA follows the same incremental path to excellence of other quality management systems where performance is benchmarked to national and industry standards. This becomes one of the most potent tools you can bring to your operations. The pattern is robust, repeatable, sustainable. With iSA you tap your best efforts to meet standards, not simply execute some cookie-cutter prescription. The program is yours.

The Global Bridgebuilder track record

We bring positive changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental of all sizes from the team of twenty, to globe-spanning operations. Our Inclusion Framework provides the knowledge and the path to a more inclusive, more successful operation.

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