Inclusion Framework Implementation

It’s a practical necessity. The rapidly changing face of society demands more from every aspect of your operations. It not only impacts how you reach clients and customers, but how you recruit and retain staff. Attention to diversity is now a core task for any enterprise, large or small; government, non-profit, or corporation.

The good news is that your team can be your best resource to meet this dynamic environment. Our Inclusion Framework Implementation provides a long-term path to sustainable, innovative growth. We help you tap the resources you already have to meet today’s changing (and challenging) environment.

Data lays the foundation.

At Global Bridgebuilders we build our framework with quantifiable data. We generate that through two diagnostic tools: the Climate Bridge Survey (CBS) that measures your internal attitudes, and the Inclusion Systems Assessment (iSA) that explores and measures your internal processes. We then sort the dataset along five axes or dimensions to give a comprehensive understanding of inclusion and implementation within you organization. And finally, we compare your data with national and industry benchmarks.

Our clients gain a concrete, measurable picture of actual behavior within organization that becomes the foundation for development of a sustainable framework of an Inclusion and Innovation framework. We understand that the only change that matters is the one that can be measured again and again.

Take an incremental approach.

Institutionally, the plan begins with your team leaders and key players. We first train the leaders who then help formulate the plan and then help implement it. Because the plan is based on measured data, you have the tool to see if the team leaders are on task. In a word, we structure for feedback so you build teams that not only hit their goal, but keep hitting the mark. There are no silver bullets here, only the promise of sure, incremental change. Data, insight, incremental and measured steps forward: this is the GBB approach, a proven method for achieving and sustaining lasting excellence.

The Global Bridgebuilder track record

We bring positive changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental of all sizes from the team of twenty, to globe-spanning operations. Our Inclusion Framework provides the knowledge and the path to a more inclusive, more successful operation.

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