The success of your inclusion frameworks often rests on the individual members of your team. Self-awareness plays a crucial part for every member in your organization as you work together and reach out in an increasingly diverse environment.

To build that self-awareness, we use the DiSC Classic 2.0, a personal assessment tool. This tool draws on over 30 years of proven reliability and the experience of over 40 million users worldwide. DiSC Classic profiles are used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, including organizational development and performance improvement.

The online evaluation uses conversational, non-judgmental language to explore workplace behaviors. DiSC Classic helps users better understand their patterns of interpersonal preferences, behaviors, and emotional reactions.

Build with a common language

DiSC Classic not only provides a common language to understand differences, it also provides the insights to help individuals work more effectively with those who differ from them. DiSC also provides flexible training options. Designed as a stand-alone educational module, DiSC also provides reinforcing for large group training, as well as a refresher course for all members on your team.

Build with better self knowledge

From the new hire to the old pro to the executive suite, everyone has a unique profile. But what drives you? Reports from DiSC Classic identify key factors for the test-taker along three dimensions:

  • Motivation. Users learn their basic incentives and personal goals that drive them to interact with other people the way you do.
  • Work Habits. Users learn their behavioral tendencies at work, including how they like to get things done, how they influence others, what goals are important to them, and what situations they avoid.
  • Insights. Users also receive tips for maximizing personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Build in new competencies

Insight from DiSC Classic not only helps employees to understand their own behavior, it positions them to preform more effectively as a team. The insights promote an appreciation of differences. Your team learns how and when to adapt their behavior; how to improve communication and how to reduce conflict. Your team gains new competencies in how to create and maintain client relationships, and how to manage difficult customer service situations.

The Global Bridgebuilder track record

We bring positive changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental of all sizes from the team of twenty, to globe-spanning operations. Our Inclusion Framework provides the knowledge and the path to a more inclusive, more successful operation.

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