Culturally Competent Sales

In today’s globally inter-connected world, your customer base is more diverse than ever. And likely, so is your sales team. Success belongs to those who have mastered the ability to build relationships across cultural boundaries, inside your team and with your customers.

Success is relational. And to reach it, Global Bridgebuilders helps release your best resource: the experience already present in your sales team. Our programs of coaching and development tap the wealth of these experiences to make a difference on your bottom line.

Build a coaching culture

The core to sustainable long-ranging success lies in building a coaching culture starts with your sales managers. We coach your leaders to become the coaches that build teams. We start with how to build relationships with reports, using the DiSC profile system as a prime resource.

It is not just relational style, however. Our coaching program teaches sales managers to establish and monitor kpi’s, to recognize problem signs before there are problems, and to proactively develop salespeople through consistent reinforcement, feedback, support, and recognition.

Build with comprehensive skill development

Working with your sales managers we help build strong sales teams, We help members develop more effective playbooks, time management techniques and communication strategies. Coupled with the data generated by individual DiSC profiles, the result is an increase cultural competency, better able to see new solutions, better equipped to build stronger client relationships.

Build to reinforce

As a noted behaviorist once said, Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. Cultural Competency Sales Training builds in baseline measures that allow follow-up, create benchmarks and motivate and support sales and margin performance. As in all that GBB does, we bring the same focus on positive, data-driven incremental change that we do to all our efforts. It’s a quality focused process that understands that consistent application and steady growth produces overwhelming performance.

Why Cultural Competence? It pays.

Cultural Competence Sales Training equips you to recruit and retain top sales personnel. By improving the “coach” you cut down on turnover: 70 percent of employees report leaving because of their manager. Repeated surveys of sales people point to a thirst for more and better coaching. Coaching can increase achievement by as much as 20 percent.

Culturally Competent Sales Training from GBB builds a sustainable, data-driven culture, equipped to take business across the state or around the world.

The Global Bridgebuilder track record

We bring positive changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental of all sizes from the team of twenty, to globe-spanning operations. Our Inclusion Framework provides the knowledge and the path to a more inclusive, more successful operation.

How can Global Bridgebuilders help you?

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