Climate Bridge Survey

In the race to success you need two legs. High performance and inclusive operations must pay attention to both relations and to practice. Both are necessary. Without change in attitudes, change in practice becomes difficult.

Global Bridgebuilders provides two proprietary tools for this high performance innovation through inclusion: our process and behavior tool, Inclusion Systems Assessment© (iSA), and the Climate Bridge Assessment© (CBS). The CBS measures an organization’s internal climate and attitudes, providing information about the views of staff members, how they experience and feel about the workplace.

A comprehensive approach.

The benefits of diversity encompass the entire organization. The CBS examines the complete set of relationships and attitudes about work in all its dimensions. Approaches covered include:

  • Physical work environment
  • Enjoyment of work, (commitment, sense of value to organization)
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Customer focus of the business
  • Management practices, (employee engagement, conflict resolution and problem solving)
  • Leadership (vision and goal articulation)
  • Innovation
  • Understanding of the business and role expectations
  • Opportunities to develop; Diversity/inclusion
  • Promotional possibilities and career progression;
  • Relevance of work to business objectives
  • Awareness and compliance with workplace safety standards and regulations
  • Communication norms, flow, and channels.

A quantifiable approach

Although the information is highly relational in character, the survey instrument makes it quantifiable. This data set is then coupled with demographic information to allow you to "drill down" into locations or business units to identify areas requiring managerial input. Data may also be analyzed by gender, age groups, or any other identified categories – the analysis can be as rich and precise as your require it.

For further insight the data generated is also linked to the practices of other leading organizations and governmental units. These best practices provide the benchmarks for continuous incremental improvement.

Organized for Integration into Total Quality norms

The CBS provides you with a data-driven foundation on which to build successful, transformational change. This survey organizes responses into five competencies (Leadership, Communications, Organizational processes, Diversity, and Systems Criteria / Process Management.) that readily match standards used in total quality management methodologies. Using these methodologies, the results of CBS lay out a path for long-term sustainable excellence, the sort of excellence that leverages business and institutional success.

The Global Bridgebuilder track record

We bring positive changes to corporate, non-profit and governmental of all sizes from the team of twenty, to globe-spanning operations. Our Inclusion Framework provides the knowledge and the path to a more inclusive, more successful operation.

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